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How triper works

More than a billion people are traveling around the globe every year. They go on vacations, short city breaks and/or business trips.

With triper every traveler gets the additional chance to experience locations through "the eyes of a local host" – just that easy and for free!

In general

All events set up by local hosts to optimize your experiences at your individual destination and are non-profit (except sharing the common expenses on tickets, etc.).

Using triper and it’s services is also for free. triper is all about the spirit and attitude of a traveler, who wants to explore the world as a cosmopolitan and get connected with people in real life!

We at triper are just activating the latent hospitality worldwide by building up that network. It’s our goal to make your travel impressions and experiences even better.

Join triper and become part of this movement and the triper community.

For traveler:

Any traveler can search for anykind of events worldwide using the map with it’s search function "triper match". Just make up your preferences for the best results.

The search results will pop up as pins on the map and as well as posted events on your personal timeline. As a registered user you can start to interact with the host by clicking on the pin of the event in the map instantly.

To plan your trip in advance or while spontaneous, while you are on your trip already, triper will connect you with local hosts to make your trip even better.

For hosts:

As an open minded local host you can create your own individual event here on triper and invite people from all over the world to give them your personal insights and views of your city/region.

Those events can be based on your daily routine or special occasions like:

  • Jogging at your local park
  • BBQ on your patio
  • Interesting "hidden" places that only locals know about
  • Entering a local yoga group
  • Watching a great sport event
  • Open doors for an international audience of your projects or your artwork
  • ... and whatever you can think of

Become a proud host in your city/region and its up to you which traveler you choose and you want to be with, benefit from the (inter)national dialogues and different views.
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