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Dirk Bierschwale

Founder and CEO

As someone, who used to be a tourguide in the US and Germany, my clients were often asking me whatelse they can do beside the regular sights to see.

I had the idea to connect them with locals like my relatives. And it worked out very well for all participants – it was and is a memorable part for any trip.

It is my vision to make each travel a bit more individual – nothing less, nothing more, so triper is just the digital answer and solution to activate the immense hospitality and to unite people worldwide.

Axel Mittig

Legal affairs

I like to travel very often. The most and best memory about any trip I made, have been with locals by chance.

Now with triper I can plan upfront a meetup with a private host, which is not based on the intention to make some profit, but just to share time and views together.

That is what I like about the idea of triper.

Jan Flessau

Co-Founder and developer

For me as a developer, triper is a truly exciting project.

Exploring how triper connects people from around the globe - digitally and physically - will be even more fun.

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